Monday, November 16, 2015

A Prayer

"God, I just don't know what to pray. 

When I heard about the attacks in Paris, I didn't know what to pray. Then, slowly, over the course of a few days you provided the right voices to remind me of your word. No, this world is not what you promised for us. Terrible things will happen here. But you designed us to share you love with the world. Even in the face of danger, you command us to love. Thank you for the clarity."

Tonight I felt good about what I've learned, then I caught a glimpse of another news story. The headline, "147 dead in Kenya University Attack." My heart sunk as I read through the story about militants picking the Christians out of the classes and killing them one by one. Then I noticed the dateline on the story- April 3, 2015. 

How did I not hear about this? Why wasn't there an international outcry? Why weren't national monuments lit up green, red, and black to support the 147 students murdered in Kenya back in April? 

I could hypothesize and point fingers in every which direction while searching for an explanation, but the only true reason for the heartless killings that happen all over our world is this: we live in a broken world. We can't understand the 'whys' beyond this simple truth. 

"God, I know I can't change the terrible things that happen in this world. It's just plain broken. You know that. It was broken 2000 years ago, and that's why you came back to earth in flesh as Jesus. We needed redeeming. And what did you teach us over and over again? Love your neighbors. Serve those in need. Do good now, because tomorrow is not a promise. Please remind me of these truths constantly. I want to be an active part of your redeeming of this world, today. 

I'm sad about the constant hurt and disgusting hate that is so blatantly shown in this world. Please teach me that love for others is the only way to honestly face this sadness and understand its depth. I don't want to move passed it. I want to love through it."

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